Mikhail Armalinsky

(Voluntary Confessions - An Unwilling Correspondence)
in Russian, novel, 1991, 312 p. ISBN 0-916201-09-0; $7


Mikhail Armalinsky is the author of thirteen books of poetry and fiction. His publication of Secret Journal 1836-1837, by A. S. Pushkin brought him to notoriety; its authorship has been attributed to Armalinsky himself by some Russian critics.
He is also the editor of the first Almanac of Russian Erotic Literature, Soitiye (Copulation).
In his novel, Armalinsky, with his acute interest in the subject of sex, displays depths of male and female psychology hitherto untouched in Russian literature.
Armalinsky has created not just an erotic novel but a piece of literature that relates his philosophy of love and sex with shocking sincerity.
The novel, although epistolary by form, exploits different genres: a story and essay, poetry and journalism.