SOITIYE (Copulation)
Fiction, poetry, movie script, critique, polemics.
Edited by
Mikhail Armalinsky.

in Russian, 1989, 184 p.; ISBN 0-916201-06-6
The cover is a reproduction of "Where are we coming from?" by H. R. Giger.

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In 1989 Russian literature never had a precedent like that. Erotic literature in Russia was severely suppressed through the centuries and rare attempts to publicize it in manuscript form were giving grave consequences to the authors (Alexander Pushkin, Alexander Polezhayev etc.) Because there was no tolerance to such individual attempts, it was absolutely impossible to publish a collection of erotic works by several authors (like The Pearl in England). Even at present when the wind of free speech has reached Russia SOITIYE is still not published there.


SOITIYE consists of the following works:

Trip Aside by David Bayevsky, the excerpt from the novel describing the society where the shame is shifted from genital area to a mouth and everything related to food consumption. Unrestricted sex life in this society is balanced with strict regulations on displaying face and eating. Poignant discussion and comparison of moral implications between our and this society show how relative notions of right and wrong are when they are applied to sex life.

Essence of Body by Vladimir Mirskoy, collection of poems. Mirskoy breaks tradition of Russian poetry which always avoided explicit sexual images. Mirskoy poetry succeeds in displaying dramatic mystery of genital phenomena using stunning mixture of street jargon with philosophical approach.

Gender Ending by Sergey Khali, short story. It describes love affair where man did not know till the last moment that his partner as a former man who went through sex change operation. During narration a protagonist, a straight male, describes his attitudes to women and sex what becomes irrelevant once he discovers who was his sex mate.

Because of Hunger
by Peter Strizhanov, short story. One time publication right for English translation of BECAUSE OF HUNGER has been purchased by Penthouse International Ltd. however they could not publish it because of censorship restrictions. This story was published without our permission in the banned Moscow erotic periodical "Yescho" ("More").

Everywhere by Lev Levich, movie script, written for multi million budget explicit sexual panorama. It shows erotic adventure of two couples who not only enjoy each other but who attend extravagant erotic events like gymnastic competition where all participants perform naked; betting contest on most beautiful female genitals and who faster reaches orgasm by masturbation etc.

Religion as Blasphemy
by Evgeny Spas, essay critiquing traditional religions for neglecting true God who manifests himself to humans in their genitals.

Poetic Erotomaniac Mikhail Armalinsky and Erotic Literature. About the book of poems ON THE BOTH SIDES OF ORGASM, by Alexander Cyr. An essay on the history of erotic literature in Russia and discussion of definitions of pornography.