© by Mikhail Armalinsky

translated from Russian by Dr. Brian James Baer

This essay was originally published in the volume of Selected Works
by Mikhail Armalinsky “Chtob Znali!” (“Let It Be Known!”)
in series "Russian Concealed Literature".
Moscow, “Ladomir”, 2002, 861 pages; ISBN 5-86218-379-5


Amid the burning buildings the prostitutes

                                                Will carry me aloft alone

                                                And show me to God to justify themselves.

            Vladimir Mayakovsky

                                                Give them the price for which they loved

                                                So for the same price they can mourn.

Joseph Brodsky

I love prostitutes,

                                                Women honest and pure...

Mikhail Armalinsky

A Short History of Prostitution

If prostitution is the world's oldest profession, as the saying goes, then let's not forget that in the beginning was the Word and when the Word become the first deed, it had already turned into prostitution.

            Writings on prostitution could fill the Library at Alexandria many times over. Or, in the contemporary vernacular--the Library of Congress. Or, perhaps, in Russian terms--the Publichka, or Public Library. Incidentally, any public library is really a prototype of the ideal public house, where books are given out to anyone and, for that matter, for free. The reader and not the book decides when to open it, how much of it to read, and when to close it. And in order to satisfy the desire for books that are in especially high demand, the library clones these women, forgive me, books, and carries them in multiple copies.

            I must, from time to time, make reference to the various literature on the topic or else the ignoramuses and chronic doubters will brush aside all I've said as fabrication. But don't brush too vigorously, or you'll bump against my bibliography.

            On the other hand, there are those pedants who will exclaim:

"How can you write about prostitution without mentioning The Whores of Tabatukt!" Or some other monograph. Well, you can't please everyone.

            Only the prostitute can please each and every one.

            In the good old days, there was an abundance and variety of women, who--and this is the most important thing--were not considered sinful for being loose. Constant wars that annihilated the men and produced streams of women slaves brought back as trophies, all this made the female population abundant and complaisant. Once the fighting was over and there were again too many men, the women began to raise their prices, which provoked a new war, which immediately caused the number of men to decrease and the number of women to increase, and prices were once again at the service of desire.

            Before Christianity prostitution was not a problem. At first, everything was peachy: prostitution was considered sacred for the act of copulation and the pleasure that it gives were by rights considered gifts from God.

            The great female deities of antiquity were great prostitutes--Ishtar, for example. They hadn't thought up the devil yet. People rejoiced in the experience of orgasm and thanked the gods and the wonderful prostitutes by giving them money for holy works. There did arise from time to time twisted rulers who tried this way and that to oppress and restrict prostitution, and in those times there were people who preferred to blame everyone but themselves for their problems. In the ancient Near East, for example, prostitutes were forced to go about in public with uncovered heads[1]--a kind of oppression nevertheless. And perhaps, a differentiating sign, so that one could immediately see what was available. A uniform that made it easy for clients to recognize them.

            But the most virulent opponents of prostitution in ancient times were the impotent. Prostitution, like so many other phenomena, inspires hatred and accusations of immorality only in those who can't take advantage of it.[2]

            In general prostitution thrived for it was a part of religious ritual, or more precisely, it was a religious act. Holy prostitutes performed the Dance of Time; they relieved one another every hour and in this way kept track of time. Then the monastic reading of prayers with monks relieving each other every hour became the Christian innovation for marking the passage of time.[3]

            This provides no evidence of technological progress in the exact measurement of time, and what joy is there in looking at a lice-ridden monk. Of course, we can consider that the other monks hiding behind the one reading the prayers, who was essentially on the lookout, engaged in fornication with nuns and prostitutes.

            Prostitutes were also considered to be soothe-sayers. The Hebrew word zonah means both prostitute and prophet.

            There were peoples that honored prostitutes as kings and touchingly offered tribute to their profound learning.[4]

            Every woman in Babylon was a temple prostitute before getting married: one of the mythological reasons for this was to pacify the Goddess who supposedly did not approve of monogamy.

            Some pretty cool facts, huh?

            Enjoying the services of a prostitute was a common occurrence, which became shameful only when a man refused to settle his account.[5]

            It is precisely this behavior that came to be celebrated several thousand years later in the anecdote of the prostitute who, after having fulfilled her side of the bargain, asked the officer who was putting his clothes back on: "And the money?" To which she got the following explanation: "A Russian officer never takes money for giving satisfaction."

            Street prostitutes in ancient times never demanded money up front; they even refused it, saying: "In the morning you can set the price yourself,"[6] so confident were they in their art and in the fairness of men.

            Another Honest Prostitute, whose client gave her 3000 rupees in advance and then disappeared, waited three years for him, refusing to accept anything from anyone in order to repay her obligation.[7]

            Truly, there is little that is flattering that can be said about current customs in comparison to those of that golden age.

            In contrast to us, other peoples no less civilized than we but having lived long ago, as well as peoples living today but in the developmental stage of barbarism, did not and do not consider prostitution to be either shameful or a crime. Rather, they accepted it as a pleasant necessity of life, as one social institution among others, such as marriage, co-habitation and other sexual/amorous agreements.[8]

            In ancient Greece and Rome prostitutes were no longer worshipped as deities but continued to be loved openly. Hetaeras and courtesans in ancient Greece were accorded the same political and legal rights as men, while wives were reduced to the level of a servant.

            The variety of prostitutes was beyond number. They followed every path that a man might take. In addition to street prostitutes, there were bakery prostitutes, circus, temple, inn, and cemetery prostitutes; you didn't need to look for prostitutes--women were right at hand, offering themselves in addition to the other services that they rendered. Those who weren't pleased with a disorderly single woman could go to a bordello where guests were greeted with a variety of women, and so could be choosey in their selection. Or not so choosey.

            Prostitution was believed to be a necessary moral safeguard for virtuous mothers, wives and sisters.[9]

            Cicerone and Caton approved of prostitution as a necessary social institution created for the defense of marriage.[10]

            That is to say, in the classical period, divine prostitution acquired a utilitarian purpose; it became an instrument that provided a certain degree of peace and stability in society.

            Pagan prostitutes were intermediaries between the parishioner and god, that is, they fulfilled the role of the priestess. In other words, prostitutes were the intermediaries between men and the gods.[11]

            Not surprisingly, Christians decided to take this lucrative business into their own hands and to permit communication with God only through the mediation of male-priests.

            Christianity made prostitution into a sin, in the best case, tolerated. By tolerating prostitution, they didn't have to tend to it.

            Prostitution evolved from a sacred, religious activity to an epicurial pastime and ended by being just tolerated.[12] Mantegazza, of course, went too far in saying that it had "ended." May it flourish once again and forever!

            There were however glorious exceptions even in Christian times. For example, at the end of the XV century in Avignon, a church bordello was set up, in which part of the time the women prayed and part of the time they received clients--and only Christian ones. Infidels were not allowed in. Pope Julius II was so pleased with this that at the beginning of the XVI century, he organized just such a public house in Rome.[13]

            Some anti-clerical writers argued that prostitutes should be respected for their compliance, which is a kind of goodness. Lorenzo Valla in the XV century wrote that prostitutes deserved more admiration from the human race than nuns with their chastity and virginity.[14]

            Thomas Aquinas compared prostitution to plumbing in a palace: if you remove it, the palace will fill up with waste. (Well, I would compare prostitution to a palace. If it wasn't there, all you would see were the gray shacks of monogamy.)

            Theologians easily agreed with the sale of the body for money, describing this act as "legalized immorality." Thomas Aquinas, the inventor of the phrase, thought that prostitutions protected men from homosexuality. (Out of ignorance, it seems, he failed to take into account the existence of male prostitution.)

            Saint Augustine also understood: "If you banish the prostitute from human society, everything will collapse from the intrusion of lust." (America, which has prohibited prostitution for many years now, proves that nothing, it turns out, will collapse from the intrusion of lust.)

            As a result, the Christian oppression and expulsion of prostitutes has led to a situation, in which they now not only demand money up front, they are forced to reduce themselves to half hour or even fifteen-minute increments.

            Even in the nineteenth century, blessed in terms of prostitution, prostitutes would spend the whole night and didn't ask for money in advance.

            Sasha Chernyi[15] confirmed it:

            "...If you didn't pay, it's like the prostitute

            Who won't spend the whole night and leaves."

            That would mean that she stayed part of the night without having taken any money!!!

            And only remembered to ask in the middle of the night.

            In olden times, the prostitute and the virgin were equated, insofar as the prostitute did not wed. And those who were not wed immediately fell into the category of the strange, in which extremes were brought together. And mixed: prostitutes could ritually renew their virginity by a method that would later become universal: submersion in water. A portentous forerunner of baptism.

            Christianity did not want to entirely do away with prostitution, but wanted to deny it any spiritual or divine content. And so they re-named the temples bordellos.

            Red lights came from a sign for Roman venerii, on which were depicted a phallus in a state of erection, painted red.

            A house was where a woman bowed to her flame, which she could share with men other then her husband. And so, the Christian "mistress of the house" signified a woman who gave herself to many men.[16]

            In the normal countries of the East, everything was done for delight.

            Prostitution in China from time immemorial was raised to the level of a high art and was an alternative to family relations.

            Marco Polo who visit China from 1271-1275, wrote:

            "These women are so accomplished in all the arts of allurement, and readily adapt their conversation to all sorts of

persons, insomuch that strangers who have once tasted their attractions seem to get bewitched, and are so taken with their blandishments and their fascinating ways that they never can get these out of their heads."[17]

            This is where they should have dragged the unbelieving Thomas Aquinas and even Augustine to make them a little holier.

            Christianity represented a brilliant opportunity for all the sexual losers to legally and nobly rehabilitate their feebleness and to honor it as a blessing.

            Prostitution was denied any spirituality on the principle that it cultivated atheism: one keeps babbling on that prostitution is evil while at the same time trembling at the sight of it.

            The flight of the raznochintsy[18] and the nobility to the people in the nineteenth century was in part inspired by a desire to imitate the sexual liberation of the folk. They wanted to stop holding women up as some kind of lofty creatures before whom they must bow and, simply, to start screwing them, like a peasant. But they lacked the courage for that and so instead they took prostitutes from the bordellos and re-educated them, re-educated them until they not only shared a bed, but also could exchange wedding vows. All of this was done out of a far-fetched sense of guilt, which later led to a quick break and the return of the prostitute to the bosom of her art.[19]

            In the modern period of universal Christianity, people have begun to invent justifications for the very existence of prostitution or for its gracious legalization by the state--but why exactly? It's the same as justifying yourself before some bastard in the government or the church for being alive. And the next thing you know, you'll have to start apologizing before the entire world for the fact that dicks get hard.

            Today, only the Buddhist East still preserves its ecstatic, innocent relationship to prostitution.

            "He, who does not spend his life honoring the lingam, is indeed unhappy, sinful and unfortunate." --Shiva Purana.[20]

            A society's relationship to prostitution is defined by and founded on its relationship to sex. If, in Christian societies, copulation itself is considered dirty and sinful, then, naturally, prostitutes, who perform the act of copulation particularly often and without shame will become a symbol of filth and sin. If in a society sex is considered permissible only in marriage, then the prostitute will become the devil incarnate, tempting men and destroying families. If morality dictates that what is most important in a woman is education and a career and that the way to show respect for a woman is to deal with her as if she didn't have a cunt, then the prostitute as the opposite of all that will be considered a worthless woman leading a useless life. However, the falseness of such views is belied by the eternal existence of prostitution, persecuted, but honestly serving the truth of desires.

            For desire is truth.

            The necessity of prostitution came to form the structural base of society thanks to a ruse, of which the builders themselves may not have been entirely aware. In the nineteenth century, doctors came to the conclusion that copulation was harmful when it was excessive, but it was acceptable when it occurred without superfluous emotions and a loss of composure. From this they concluded that copulation with a prostitute, insofar as it was without emotion and passion, was less dangerous than with one's wife. After such a finding, prostitution blossomed in even more magnificent colors.[21]

            The ruse consisted of the fact that, as is well known, it is copulation with one's wife that occurs coldly and without passion, out of habit, while copulation with a prostitute, as with any new woman, is filled with passion and trembling. And so, while giving lip service to wives, these doctors gave their blessing to the service provided by prostitution.

            These historical excursions may be useful for the reader who is racked with guilt and shame. He may be somewhat relieved to find out that in the past things were, heck, a lot livelier. But in the long run, what difference does it make if someone in ancient times experienced lust just like you, and with whom he satisfied that lust, if you yourself are experiencing lust right now and have the money to call someone over to the house who can satisfy it? What's the use of turning to history to look for justifications when desire itself is nothing less than its own justification, offering revelations in the course of satisfying it. Believe in desire and not in ideas about it.

            When they say that the new is just the past that's been forgotten, there is a fundamental inaccuracy there. People forget the past only when the past is concealed from them or when they are purposely not reminded of it. For this reason, the study of history is important to prevent any bogus novelty from arising that might scare or tempt you, and to provide historical confirmation of the naturalness of your desires.

            History, however, can be manipulated and we must treat its transmission with caution. That is to say, we need to trust not so much history as our own feelings. You have the urge to copulate, that means, it's good. You don't have the urge? That means you'll get it again soon.

A Comprehensive Definition of the Prostitute

            So, now begins the boring task of classifying and defining. But it can't be avoided--it's necessary. For the sake of mutual understanding.

            What is a prostitute?

            In defining a "decent" woman, questions, as a rule, do not arise. The concept is self-evident, requiring no clarification. And if clarification were necessary, it would be minor. A "decent" woman is one who does not screw at all or who only screws her husband. Some of course would wish to add: not very often. Here we must determine what is meant by "not very often": once a day, once a month? Moreover, if she's screwing her husband, it's in a securely locked room so that no one can see. And the mess starts here. No, we're not going to add anything. Let's say she only screws her husband. But just the one? And if she gets divorced or is widowed and marries for a second or third time? And if she marries five times? That's already five guys. So let's say five, but all of them legal, all of them with an official government certificate. And not with five guys at once, but one at a time, so that once she is divorced and remarried, fooling around with her ex is a no-no. Ugh, it seems we've clarified things with decent women.

            Now let's turn to prostitutes. What is a prostitute? Over the course of centuries, people have thought up a bunch of definitions. Many bunches. The first that comes annoyingly to mind defines her as a woman who takes compensation for screwing.

            Well, the fact that she takes something doesn't make her a prostitute. A lot of law abiding wives do the same. And when their husbands don't give them anything, then they have a headache or they're beset by overwhelming fatigue.

            If a woman who sells the delights offered by her body is called a prostitute, then young women who marry rich old men deserve the same name, as do wives who set a price for their kisses to get money from their husband, and women who befriend great men in order to go down in history.[22]

            To have many men without taking money--this isn't a prostitute either, just a loving women. But to take money--and from many men--that, it seems, is something like prostitution. But from how many men? One medieval scholastic, by no means stingy in his calculations, maintained that a woman could not be called a prostitute until she had given herself to 23,000 men. (It seems, he wanted to portray all prostitutes as "decent" women through the noble means of arithmetic). Others set more modest limits: from 40-60.[23]

            Let's say, a woman actively engaged in fornication for 20 years and that means that she had approximately three beaux per year. That comes to 60. And each of them kept her and bought her clothes or paid her rent--can she be called a prostitute? If not, we have to increase our limit. Perhaps, we should go back to 23,000?

            They say that people who fornicate with ease are behaving like animals. However, animals, while able to fornicate without shame before their own kind, don't take it lightly. Before screwing, animals court one another, performing ritual dances, cajoling, sniffing, and the devil only knows what else. The main difference between a man and an animal is that a man can begin fornicating immediately, without any rituals. All rituals take either money or strength (rape), but the shortest period leading up to fornication is achieved through money.

            Young girls are taught that they should not give themselves to men out of lust, but under no circumstances should they do it for free. For marriage, love, concern, for anything, just not for money. Lust in marriage is graciously allowed, but those who allow it know that in marriage lust very quickly bites the dust. The free satisfaction of lust is just as frightening for society as the satisfaction of lust for money. Society invented another currency for the purchase of enjoyment--married life.

            Lust for lust--that's not prostitution, but true love at first sight, when without second thoughts, without forethought, and in general without any thought whatsoever, two become one.

            Disinterestedness is forbidden: to give oneself for the sake of what is most beautiful--for the satisfaction of one's own lust, this is one's only interest. True disinterestedness would be the satisfaction of someone else's lust without any concern for one's own. But then this disinterestedness could also be explained as interested: your lust consists in the satisfaction of someone else's. So in the end, lust for lust--this is the most disinterested possible, insofar as the exchange is equal.

            However, complete interestedness is also forbidden--giving oneself for money alone, without any lust.

            Of incentives for fornicating, the two extremes are forbidden: for passion or money alone. For this reason, both passion and money are labeled dirty.

            Not surprisingly, women strive for the ideal: to give themselves out of lust and to get money for it. But lust disappears, while money remains. This is why "diamonds are a girl's best friend."[24]

            People are shocked not so much by the fact that women give themselves to men for compensation, for that happens everywhere like it or not, but that it happens in an instant, without rituals, ceremonies, or courtship. Here's the money and there's the body. It happens too fast for our sluggish moral codes, occupied with putting on the brakes and delaying the gratification of desire.

            This is perhaps what annoys society more than anything--the immediacy of the exchange of money for sex. This is the fundamental "evil" that is labeled prostitution.

            So here I have come up with an exhaustive (?) definition, for, as you can see for yourselves, it turns out to be universal (?), leaving out only the rarest exceptions (!). So then, if a woman fornicates with a man for reasons other than her own personal enjoyment, she begins to be called a prostitute. Even if she receives enormous pleasure, but takes money for it or is given some kind of recompense from the man over and above her own pleasure, she is called a prostitute. Accordingly, a proper woman is one who fornicates for the sake of pleasure alone. But for any given woman, such cases are isolated. Therefore, a woman occupies a state of "propriety" for only a very short period of time, either because pleasure alone is no longer enough for her or because she doesn't always experience pleasure. And so, a number of men are not playing their part in the defining the prostitute. Women live most of their lives as prostitutes because they are governed by other incentives to copulate above and beyond pleasure.

            If we were to take even such an innocent example as that of a wife who gives herself to her husband without experiencing pleasure herself, she would appear as a typical prostitute, for she is governed by such thoughts as keeping her husband satisfied or keeping peace in the home.

            Even a wife who has experienced pleasure does not forget that her husband keeps her or that she needs him for something other than sexual pleasure: tomorrow she'll need him to hammer a nail or to buy her a dress.

            The virgin who decides to give herself to a suitor for the first time so as not to lose him, immediately becomes a prostitute.

            Only a man and a woman, who catch sight of one another at an orgy, are immediately enflamed with passion, and begin immediately to fornicate--in this situation, the woman is observing propriety.

            However, as a consequence of her natural station, a woman is obliged to take into consideration her future progeny, which means that she will almost always be evaluating the social qualities of her partner, so that every woman according to her nature cannot avoid being a prostitute. And if, as a result of the ubiquity and universality of prostitution among women, it should be legal, it should also be encouraged as a manifestation of a woman's maternal instinct to protect and bring up her offspring. As paradoxical as it may appear, prostitution owes its existence to the maternal instinct.

            A woman is also "proper" when she is masturbating all alone. Then she receives only pleasure and no other benefit than orgasm. Propriety in this context appears as egoism, flight from society, immersion in oneself. Whereas prostitution is a socially useful activity for a woman.

            The refusal to concede the primordial whorishness of women goes against the laws of nature against which all idealistic societies beat their heads.

            It was not long ago in America that breast feeding was considered unnecessary for children, which sprang from men's disgust and fear of mother's milk and the woman's breast. The model was the woman who did not breast-feed, flouting her nature to the detriment of her child. A society that had gone astray raised this woman up as an example. Now people have thought it over and now even allow women to breast feed in public, finally acknowledging that her breast, her milk, are an essential part of a woman and of her relationship with her child. Prostitution, like breasts and milk, is essential to women. This must be acknowledged and prostitution allowed to blossom and grow for the benefit of all.

            Society is ponderous, built on sluggishness and inertia. It is shocked and envious over the quick reactions of its individual members, capable of agreeing in the blink of an eye to fornicate for money. While society has constructed labyrinths and dams against its members' sexual urgings.

            Society wants a man and a woman to work a bit, to row a while in the social galley, before a man receives and a woman grants access to her orifices. Society requires that a man and a woman pass through a courtship and seduction ceremony, but when money facilitates insanities coupling, society is unable to assess a social tax in the form of sexual frustration on the couple. For when people are not sexually satisfied, society has the opportunity to steal a part of their energy for its needs. However, such a society is near-sighted in its calculations, for the satisfaction of sexual desires by means of legal and abundant prostitution increases their rate of growth, just as physical training increases muscles. And society begins to acquire the energy it needs not from the stagnant swamp of repressed energy created from the suppression of prostitution, but from the powerful flow of energy renewed and expanded thanks to the efforts of prostitutes.

            If women enjoy only rare periods of "propriety" and live in an almost constant state of whorishness, this is reversed in men, for according to the definition made for women, a man is "proper" by nature, insofar as he inclined to support exclusively pleasurable relations with a woman for no money, without thinking and without responsibility over a long period of time. A woman either breaks off those relations or turns them into prostitution for the man as well as herself. But that's another story.

            The breadth of my definition exudes the vague aroma of an identity: "Women are prostitutes," which is inconvenient despite being justified, insofar as society artificially fashions from that identity its most visible category of behavior. Therefore, for the continuation of our discussion, we will adapt ourselves to the ludicrous prejudices of the obvious: a single act of fornication, performed without hesitation for money, will be labeled prostitution.

            There are theoretical definitions necessary for debate and strategy. There are also practical definitions necessary for summarizing and tactics. However, it's the last definition provided that we will use for... discussion below. Again there's a contradiction. But it's a productive one.

Why Young Men Need Prostitutes

            For youths, who still have not learned how to skillfully command their own bodies, who experience fear and embarrassment before themselves and their as yet untested sexual capabilities, who still do not know the subtleties of a woman's body and soul, who have no experience in the art of seduction--the prostitute is necessary and useful. She can show them what they need to now without shame; she can tell them without hesitation; she can indulge them without limits. The prostitute is a teacher, skilled and accessible, for trials without errors. Or, shall we say, with a minimum of errors.

            If there were no prejudices against prostitutes, they could show youths various methods of love-making, teach them means of preventing pregnancy and venereal disease, answer the inevitable questions about the anatomy and physiology of the sexes.[25]

            Youths, and even more so boys, have a problem, as a rule, getting a hold of money. And so parents should help them out and give them money for prostitutes. There is nothing reprehensible in this--young people are sent to school to learn and this is just a continuation of their studies. Just as parents approve of their son's fiancée, so should they carefully approve of his first woman, aiming for the most capable and beautiful prostitute.

            A professional prostitute is a guarantee that one's first sexual experience will be a happy one. One's first experience leaves its mark on one's entire life--sexual and other. If a youth comes out of it satisfied, confident, having found respect and love rather than shame and disgust for his body and for that of his female partner, then society will be composed of people inclined toward love, not cruelty.

            In order for this guarantee to be valid, one must assure a high degree of professionalism among prostitutes. They should take an exam like a doctor, although more practical and less scientific and theoretical, to license not only their healthy bodies but their skills. Apprentices should work under the guidance of professional prostitutes, and their price should be lower than for those who are licensed. Here, one will say: "Give me a young beauty who isn't licensed and who's cheaper than a high-priced old hag with a stack of certificates." And this is the truth. So let's chuck this idea. But skill and professionalism should be valued not only individually--with a big tip--but by society as a whole.

Why the Lonely Need Prostitutes

            Whether you're young or old, "loneliness is a horrible business," as I wrote once in a poem. Practically and philosophically, prostitutes "remove" loneliness. You'll say that it's just for a moment. But isn't life itself but a moment? Take a dozen prostitutes and that's twelve moments. String out these moments for days and months and you'll see that loneliness will be gone and only as much will remain as you want. Or more accurately, only as much as you pay for.

            A prostitute of the geisha variety can comfort a man in every way. She is able to take care of intellectual hunger no worse than sexual hunger.

            As it is practiced in the East, one could sign a contract to live together for a year. With the option to cancel after a month if it doesn't work out. If we have specialists who can talk someone out of committing suicide, we should have specialists who can talk someone out of loneliness, and, if they can't talk him out of it, they can at least distract him with their talk. Caressing him all the while.

            It is obvious that loneliness can well up at any age and in any situation.

            Loneliness is universal. So, too, is the medicine, the panacea: a fresh, available body.

Why Married Men Need Prostitutes

            If sex in marriage gradually loses its importance and often disappears altogether, then cheating on your spouse is not such a detrimental blow. What is important in such a situation is not sex, but what is called fidelity, that is, the total absence of sex--the idea that your spouse is not sleeping with anyone else. And so, under the pretext of fidelity, a man and a woman in their growing indifference toward one another must resign themselves to indifference toward life. Or, more accurately, to hatred of life. Insofar as regular carnal relations are a major indication of love of life, in their absence, life holds no joy.

            But this is a rough patch for the couple, for it undoes the bonds of marriage. Note, it undoes them, it does not sever them. Marriage ceases to be a burdensome yoke as soon as prostitute-angles are sent to a husband from heaven above.

            Like an alcoholic who boasts of his respectability because he supports his habit not with money from his paycheck but only from his bonuses, a worthy husband can shower praise on himself because he pays for prostitutes out of his Christmas bonus. It would be even better, of course, to have enough money to give a prostitute not a measly ten dollar bill, but a fistful of hundreds without batting an eye, so that she'd spread herself out joyfully and for hours on end. Ah, dreamer... 

            Monogamy fears more than anything else the free exchange of information that would make the obvious to all the sickly state of monogamy. For this reason the Institute of Marriage (which, like all institutes in Russia, has probably already been re-named the University of Marriage or the Academy of Marriage) has come out strongly against prostitution as offering options with which monogamy is in no position to compete.

            Casual sex: this is not sex with whomever's at hand in the immediacy of lust, as is usually thought. It is sex in marriage that has become routine, ordinary, boring, that is casual. The Joy of Sex has its place outside of marriage, with a prostitute who is longed for, skilled, and ready for anything.

            In marriage, spouses struggle in vain to prolong passion, but achieve only extended obligations. And here, out of the blue comes the prostitute.

            The constant cunt of one's wife lends married life certainty, while the variable cunts of prostitutes lend married life richness.

            Young women, as a rule, don't like to sleep with married men, as married men are insolvent--their ability to pay for a screw with marriage has already been squandered on another woman. Just as birds are banded in order to track their migration, people are banded in order to track their sexual life. A girl's first glance at a man is directed at his hand--is he wearing a wedding band?

            Prostitutes, on the other hand prefer married men--it's less likely that they'll have a venereal disease (it would show up immediately in their wives), and in general they're less dangerous than single men. So it's worth getting married just to get preferential treatment from your prostitutes.

            Fulfilling one's "conjugal duties" is linked to the momentary spreading of wifely legs at the husband's demand. When men complain about a wife's failure to fulfill her "conjugal duties," they don't have in mind her care for, devotion to, or running of the home. It would be best for a prostitute to fulfill a wife's "conjugal duties."

            The castration of men has been and still is achieved by Christianity with the help of the institution of marriage. On the one hand, in marriage desire croaks very soon, which serves the purposes of Christianity. On the other hand, variety was forbidden: Various clergymen have frightened us and continue to frighten us with the commandment "Thou shalt not commit adultery!" while they themselves are quietly rubbing their hands at the thought of standing over a prostitute. Man has long been fenced in by marriage, in which he is emasculated and nothing fresh is allowed to enter. This is in theory, which, fortunately, is never supported by materialist or moral praxis.

            Although morality is no longer sufficient to maintain monogamy, people today are attempting to bolster it with the deadly threat of AIDS. Marriage protects one from AIDS just as a castle once protected people from the plague. But there's no feast, only a restrictive diet. Prostitutes, however, who act professionally and refuse to be touched by anyone not wearing a condom, let the sterilized feast go on.

            Every married man sooner or later (and usually sooner) tires of his wife and desires other women. The absence of available and beautiful prostitutes forces men either into compulsory fidelity with a screw every month or so, and emasculation, or into a long term seduction involving the loss of a great deal of time and money to support an affair with another man's wife or with some lonely woman, hoping to become a wife. Such intrigues tear a husband from his wife, and a father from his children, threatening to destroy a family under the profound pretext, expressed by a husband to his wife: "I don't love you anymore."

But that is all quickly resolved with a prostitute--every husband, even one who isn't panting for an extramarital affair, can let off steam quickly, enjoyably, and safely, while remaining a model husband and father.

            In this way, prostitutes keep families together, which brings stability to a society that is founded on the fucking nuclear family. This argument has been torn to shreds over the centuries, but contemporary society keeps its members in ignorance; it is silent about the past, and people are lazy as a rule. It is easier for them to agree with some mealy-mouthed pastor than to entertain doubts and to dig around in history books. This is why I go about educating right and left.

            People will say, and what about the wife? Should she also take a lover? Or hire a male prostitute? To which I answer: These are questions that women must ask themselves and must resolve for themselves. Although they've been resolved long ago.

            Monogamy is when you put all your balls in one basket.

Why the Poor Need Prostitutes

            A lack of money means a lack of women. It's not for nothing that the words "indigence" and "indignant" come from the same root. How can things be arranged so that anyone can afford a good prostitute? A poor prostitute for a poor man. A middleclass prostitute for a middleclass man. A rich prostitute for a rich man. It's possible to move to another group when circumstances permit. But they rarely permit.

            It is not at all necessary that a poor prostitute be dirty or drunk or strung out on drugs. There are poor women who are tidy and sweet, who work for pennies at some idiotic factory or as a cashier. Why wouldn't they give themselves for these pennies, capable at the same time of earning a good deal more? In the factory they earn five dollars an hour, while as a prostitute they could earn five dollars for a five-minute blowjob from a poor man. Any poor man can scrape together that sum. Of course, cheap prostitutes will want to make a career for themselves and earn two hundred dollars for those same five minutes. Let them, if it works out. But not all women are careerists. There are those who toil most of their lives for minimum wage, though with great dignity and pride, but then they don't practice prostitution. So there would be prostitutes who would work for minimum wage, but despite that would be content and proud, not anxious to make a career. Prostitution is great because it doesn't have to be one's only occupation in life. One can combine jobs. Society should help these women and to send them men so that they can make more money and free themselves from the humiliation of low-paid work.

            This problem has been solved in the East where young girls have from time immemorial earned the money for their dowries through prostitution and this was considered normal.

            But in Western society, this isn't profitable--who would perform the plentiful, unskilled, low-paid work? It turns out that no good would come to society from a woman if she were to become self-sufficient: a cheap, almost free labor force would slip through society's fingers. This is what society drills into women, so that they are insulted when offered money for spreading their legs or opening their mouth. They would sooner agree to sell themselves into slave labor than to work from time to time as a prostitute. If it is not immoral for a woman to waste her life carrying out some meaningless, monotonous work, then how can you call prostitution immoral. What is immoral is not that a woman earns money with her body, but that in general she is required to earn money!

            Simone de Beauvoir said and it seems appropriate here: "It is often asked: why does she choose it (prostitution)? The question is, rather: why has she not chosen it?”[26]

            Society arms itself first and foremost against cheap prostitutes. Society cannot accept the fact that a prostitute can give away so cheaply that for which society exacts so high a price: one's life (thrown away in marriage). The price--that's what enrages society. The bargain-basement prices of the cheap prostitute undermine the ideological economy. Society treats expensive prostitutes with significantly more condescension. And in general, the more money a woman takes, the closer she comes, in society's understanding, to being "proper."

            Moreover, cheap prostitutes are the daily bread of poor men. And just as there are free meals for the poor, there should be volunteer prostitutes who give themselves for free to the poor and indigent, and the corresponding recompense should be subtracted from her earnings as a charitable tax deduction.

            The police, however, drive away and arrest mostly street prostitutes, the cheapest kind, and in so doing deprive primarily the poorest men of their pleasure.

Why Old Men Need Prostitutes

            There should be many Susannahs for every elder. That's the right combination. And from time immemorial there has been only one Susannah and bunches of elders--it takes an entire team of men to keep watch on a single woman.

            As for the money, what a relief it is to think that in old age, when you're ugly and infirm, you'll be able to purchase hire prostitutes, young and available, who will indulge you. And so that "young and unknown tribe" will feel my "hello" in their deepest depths.

            It has now been established scientifically that old people need sex, too. And so they invented Viagra. But even without it, even if you don't have a hard on, you still want sex--there is no life without sex. So either you eat yourself up inside, or you give vent to your feelings. Or both at the same time. And age means nothing here. It's really just that in our youth we can do it time and time again, while in old age we can do it again only after a time.

            An infant masturbates in its mother's womb--it's actually been filmed, so there's nothing for the moralists to say. And an old man wants, not an old woman, but a young woman. He needs her even more than a young man needs a young woman. For a young man, a young woman is the obvious choice; he is filled with youth and a young woman merely confirms that. But an old man has been deprived of youth. Rudely, irrevocably, unavoidably. A young woman for him is not just a screw, she's rejuvenating, a connection to youth. That is to say, an elixir. Having taken a young woman and disgorged inside her his already meager seed, he feels himself--for an instant--young again. Where can he find this elixir? Well, an eighteen-year old girl took a bite out of the elderly Goethe's apple, and we still don't know how much he paid for that. And the jailor's daughter tempted the elderly Marquis de Sade. That most likely did not take place without the exchange of many francs. But what has a mere elderly mortal to tempt a young maiden? She can only be a prostitute, all honor and praise to her! She is an old man's savior, his last love and hope. This is why old people need money so!

            An extra sum should be included in an old man's social security check to cover the cost of prostitutes. This increase in social security will be economically beneficial for the state, for, by screwing regularly, the elderly will be healthier and health care costs will go down. Science has again thoughtfully concluded that an active sex life increases life expectancy and improves health improves. Thanks a lot for proving once again that two times two is four.

            The prostitute should feel the importance of her profession and take pride in the fact that she is giving the elderly that which no other woman wants to give them, and is, in this way, beautifying the last years of their lives.

Why the Sick and Deformed Need Prostitutes

            The deformed, but wealthy Toulouse Lautrec lived in a brothel -- he wanted to be surrounded by love. And he was. How could he have survived without prostitutes? And now with important and decorous airs, we display in our museums Lautrec's representations of those women whom society has censured.

            What good is youth even, if one is sick or deformed? Broads don't flutter around you; they avoid you or simply run away at your approach. Any decent woman who dreams of getting married and having children will not only not give herself to you, she will recoil. Where can you try a cunt, how do you get hold of a body? Shell out a few bucks. Beautiful women will come for money and force you to forget about your illness and your crooked spine. You'll feel handsome when your desires are indulged by a beautiful woman. You will forget your infirmities for a delicious moment. This is true happiness for the sick and deformed!

            The deformed could never have sex with a beautiful woman. It is only thanks to a beautiful prostitute that this becomes possible. Prostitution allows the deformed and the infirm to connect not only with pleasure, but also with beauty.

Why Every Man Needs a Prostitute

            Yes, every man.

            Men are like convicts who wear a ball and chain to keep them from running away. Every man has two balls that are his ball and chain, keeping him from running away from his desire. And those who intellectualize about the unfortunate state of man, subjected to inescapable and fatiguing desires, shouldn't whine, they should satisfy those desires and in the first instance with the help of a prostitute. And if you don't like your desires, go and hang yourself, because you'll never succeed in suppressing them. Suppress them and you'll go off your rocker. You'll be going to war against prostitutes, you fool.

            Of course, like ants, human beings can divided into soldiers, housekeepers and scholars. There are those who are born for screwing and there are those who content themselves with their wives and bury themselves in the imaginary work of science, business, etc. But for those who are rewarded/burdened with desire, screwing is their life's work. If a prostitute screws to earn money, the screwer earns money to hire prostitutes.

            You have to pay for everything--everyone knows that. It should also be common knowledge that a woman pays with her body and a man with money. In such a situation, there is one goal--to make as much money as possible for the insemination of as many women as possible. Insemination that will be prevented by means of contraception.

            But even the non-screwer will feel the need for another cunt from time to time. It is more difficult and takes longer for him, not being a professional, but a pathetic, flaccid lover, to achieve the desired result with a "proper" woman, who is clearly oriented toward rough handling. For this reason, a prostitute represents for the non-screwer the simplest solution to his problem, which is not one of quantity, as it is for the screwer, but one of quality, of how to free himself from his desire, without torturing himself.

            Every normal man has a current woman, that is, a woman of the moment. Against that backdrop, the prostitute sparkles.

            The prostitute in truth liberates man from the yoke of those social obligations that society places on sexual relations. This liberation, however, is conditional, for it is necessary to get a hold of some money, to make a living--that is, society forces you to break your back all the same. It also forces you to sweat for food and housing, but to make up for it, there isn't the double oppression that occurs when prostitution is forbidden: first, earn money, but don't you dare spend it on a women, instead work some more, and, in order to get her to agree to go to bed with you, don't put the money in her hand, instead, buy her presents and grub so that all these purchases will grow the economy and, in this mediated fashion, you'll win yourself the woman.

            But, on the other hand, if you give the money directly to the woman, then she can buy her own gifts and grub and grow the economy. However... the woman won't experience the emotional satisfaction of knowing that she is so loved that she has been showered with gifts. But on the other hand, the man will experience emotional-physical satisfaction after shooting. However, the joy of men is sterile, while the joy of women leads not only to children but also to stability.

            Innovation in sex often becomes more important than beauty, or more accurately, innovation itself becomes beauty. The prostitute therefore represents aesthetic pleasure as well.

            One day you live with one woman, the next day with another, but not just screwing, but as factually living with her. Every woman cares for you in her own way, talks in her own way, and creates her own kind of life for you. One kind of woman bores you, so you switch you for another. This is how a variety of lifestyles is produced.

            One of the most wonderful feelings is when you're screwing one beautiful woman and you know that tomorrow you'll be screwing another beautiful woman.

            All these fantasies are fulfilled either by youth or by money.

            What could be more spiritual than screwing, for the majority of people spend far less time doing it than they do thinking and dreaming of it. And thought and dreams are what a spiritual life is made of. Insofar as the prostitute is a refined symbol of pure screwing, then it is namely the prostitute who provides spiritual sustenance to men. Until he saves up enough money to buy her services.

            In order to rid yourself of passion for your lover--marry her. In order to rid yourself of passion for a prostitute--hire her.

            In hiring a prostitute, a man, looking for immediate gratification, pays off the traditional female demands on the life of men. He says: "Here's the money and an hour of my time. You won't get anything more. Now give me your body."

            The prostitute, taking money from the man and giving him herself in exchange, agrees not to encroach on his future, but to disappear without a trace.

            Good service imitates love and caring. But for those services, one must pay with money. But then imitation for money often turns out to be better than the original for no dough.

            The relationship of a man to a prostitute is an illustration of his relationship to sex itself--wild desire at first followed by complete indifference. For this reason, a woman tries with all her might to ensnare a man from all sides, besides sex, for in sex she can't go any further than orgasm.

            The greatest primordial tragedy for man is that he can not screw all women, for it is his genetically programmed task to inseminate as many females as possible in order to disseminate his genes. Woman's tragedy stems from her task of sleeping with all men at the same time so that their sperm in her vagina might be sown successfully, triumphing over all the other spermatozoa that impregnate her ovules. Prostitution is therefore one of the forced illusory ways in which men and women approach the unattainable goals nature has set for them.

            As with every tragedy, this one is derided in folklore: "You can't screw all the women, but you've got to try."

            One of the socially useful tasks performed by the prostitute is to divert toward themselves the constant surplus energy of men and to make sure that the volleys of sperm fired off by them are blanks.

            A predator views any passing herd of animals as potential food. Similarly, a man views every passing woman as potential pleasure. But he doesn't have the guts to take every healthy and strong woman. He can only have the very young or the very old, or those crippled by loneliness. Only when he's walking down a street of prostitutes does he feel himself to be a real predator, crunching the banknotes in his pocket.

            Man's struggle against prostitution is one form of Christian self-laceration, performed by men on themselves.

            The from January to December Theses:

            A prostitute in one's youth is a teacher.

            A prostitute in old age is a comfort.

            A prostitute in middle age is a re-birth.

            A prostitute for the damaged is a sister of charity.

            A prostitute cures one of shame and confusion.

            A prostitute renders first aid in the continually occurring incidents of loneliness. And not only first aid, but second, third... tenth...

            A prostitute is the embodiment of democracy: she denies no one; for her, all men who can pay are equal.

            A prostitute is Sacred Lust.

            And for every man, a prostitute is a Savior.

The Prostitute and the "Proper" Woman

            Our most just society, blessed by Jesus Christ, gives it approval only to a life-long contract with a woman with the indispensable vow that it last for one's entire life. This contract can be cancelled through divorce, but then people lie again and enter into another contract, this time for sure until death, etc. Why not conclude a contract for a year, six months, one month? That could be renewed by mutual consent?

            And even more wonderful: a contract for a day or an hour. Without renewal.

            The same contracts with the same obligations, only for different periods of time. Why is a contract for a day worse than a contract for life? Society wants to grab each and every one of us by the throat and hold on until death.

            There's the same kind of contract with a prostitute: I'm going to spend this much time with you, you're going to do such and such and I will do such and such, and you'll receive the following sum for fulfilling your obligations.

            People often sign marriage contracts or pre-nuptial agreements, but even without them the marriage ceremony is nothing other than a contract, according to which the participants obligate themselves to love one another and to care for one another in sickness and in health. For such a price, one could give oneself away without a ceremony. Moreover, many wives don't stop negotiating even after signing the marriage contract; they continue to haggle over additional services in return for fulfilling their conjugal duties, which were already included in the marriage contract. This is like a stupid prostitute, having already negotiated everything with you and taken your money, who begins to act capricious and demand additional payment. At which point, you send her packing and take another. With a wife, it's not so simple. But in this situation, too, a prostitute saves you from your wife, who has overestimated her market value.

            Demosthenes divided women into three types: hetaeras for pleasure, concubines for everyday needs, and wives for producing legal offspring and running the household.[27]

            This classification has remained essentially valid, only the words hetaera and concubine have fallen out of use. The functions of the wife have not changed. The role of the hetaera is now performed by refined lovers and prostitutes, while the concubines are those who screw for nothing. Only what seems to be "nothing" turns out to be payment of a different kind, either in the form of venereal disease or unwanted pregnancy or demands for attention, more than the man wants to give, and other complaints. Again, it's the prostitute that saves men from all that.

            Relating to a woman as to a cunt, an ass, breasts, and a mouth is not cynical at all. To the contrary, it is idealistic, insofar as it produces a separation of the Idea of pleasure from the indigestible female mix of the material and the ideal. Just as we idealize the body builder for the size of his muscles, which doesn't humiliate him, but rather makes him into the embodiment of physical beauty and strength, ignoring his other qualities, which are unimportant to the Idea. To view a woman, taking into account all her wonderful and disgusting aspects together, which is referred to as the objective approach, is the apotheosis of cynicism, for this view is cold; it seeks statistical balance, fairness devoid of passion. On the other hand, a lofty view of woman idealizes her. However, it is not only her eyes or her shapely figure that can be idealized, but also her breasts and even her cunt. The most wonderful idealization of woman is as a source of pleasure. That is an idealization is obvious insofar as a woman is, alas, a source of more than just pleasure. The prostitute, as a continually gushing and open source of pleasure, is therefore an example of the highest idealization of woman.

            Shame is the remote control by which the State rules us from afar. An individual may be in his own home, behind locked doors, but shame still rules him and doesn't let him forget about the State. Many people are ashamed of nudity, and women are embarrassed to look at their cunts in a mirror to see just what it is they have between their legs and what "it" looks like.

            One old woman (and there are gazillions like her) confessed that when she was a girl an adult neighbor regularly invited her to his home and fondled her genitals. And to this day the old woman is racked by shame over the fact that she found it pleasant and would run over to the neighbor's house of her own accord for her dose of pleasure. Shame is like an electrode that has been planted in our brains by Christianity, through which society is able to discharge deadly shocks that prevent an individual from taking joy in pleasure.

            And if an individual is somehow able to forget shame for a certain amount of time, then the State sniffs it out, becomes indignant, and declares this absence of shame to be shameless, that is, a crime.

            The prostitute is a creature who is summoned to neutralize shame and instill pleasure.

            It is considered improper for a woman to go to bed with a man the first time they meet, because, for a woman who doesn't demand any money up front, this is not enough time to negotiate long-term, non-monetary payment. If a woman nevertheless jumps into bed on a first date out of lust, that is, without payment of any kind, then society, which, like a pimp, doesn't allow screwing for pleasure alone, soon forces the woman to give herself for long-term obligations that her partner would have to assume. Society inculcates her with shame, and self-doubt so that she demands the highest price for screwing: marriage.

            In former times, there were societies where a bride and groom saw each other for the first time on their wedding day, the marriage having been arranged by their parents. So then, the bride and groom screwed on their first date. If there's a wedding, then it's okay. But this occurs because the wedding guarantees financial payment for sexual relations.

            Nowadays a "proper" woman must secure from a man all kinds of financial support and his commitment to the relationship, which is impossible to do on a first date and so a woman will drag things out until she is convinced that he has the financial and other means necessary to support their relationship. The prostitute, like a bride in an arranged marriage, gives herself immediately because the money is guaranteed, like the obligatory financial support in marriage.

            A cheap slut is a woman who sells herself "on the cheap." While those women who sell themselves for a lot of money are called wealthy and proper. The price determines a woman's respectability. The woman who can fleece a man out of the maximum (marriage) is the winner.

            And no one criticizes the winner.

            Before, a woman did not give out before marriage and in this way she kept her men on a leash. Nowadays, a woman gives out before marriage but on condition that he'll marry her in the end, or else she'll stop giving out. Before men were trained through hunger, now they're trained with treats, creating a dependency.

            Every compliment paid a woman can be translated as: "Let's screw!"

            Every reaction by a woman to a compliment can be translated as: "How much will you pay?"

            Women's phraseology regarding their inaccessibility is no more than the jargon of street vendors.

            A matchmaker is for proper young ladies and women. A procuress is for prostitutes.

            Every matchmaker can work as a procuress. Every procuress can work as a matchmaker.

            O, how I'd like to complete the syllogism!

            If a woman sells her body for money, then a man sells his soul for money. In this sense, a woman is more moral than a man, for she sells only material, perishable goods, while he sells that which is sacred. A woman's soul is protected by her ability to be indifferent during sex.

            A woman's pride consists in her ability to keep her legs together. A proper woman doesn't do that unless she is courted, while a prostitute doesn't do that unless she's given money for it.

            Prostitutes demand money, while proper women demand respect, which along the circuitous paths of morality leads to money all the same.

            A cunt is open to every man and so one cannot accuse it of infidelity. And so if you love cunts and not the women who are playing dirty tricks with them, then you will not know jealousy. Love prostitutes!

            Speculation is the acquisition of something at a low price in order to resell it at a higher one. Isn't the behavior of "proper" women wholesale speculation, while the behavior of prostitutes is retail speculation? Simone de Beauvoir said the same thing in somewhat different words.[28]

            Every woman is given by God a thing of great value: a cunt, the price of which is driven higher and higher by society with the help of shame and prohibition. A virgin's cunt is priced the highest, and a young lady is trained to sell it in exchange for marriage--a wholesale trade, for only before being deflowered is a wholesale approach to her body possible. Upon losing her virginity, a woman enters the retail market, but all the same tries to sell herself wholesale, for the maximum amount in exchange for marriage, although that becomes more and more difficult due to the temptations that arise in the retail market. Having learned of the possibility of repeated re-sale of her cunt, which she acquired at no cost, for a lot of money and benefits, a woman begins to speculate, which becomes for the majority of women the only means of existence. The absence of speculation would be one case in which a cunt, bestowed on a woman by God at no cost, was also given for free. However, a woman, sensing the demand of the market and her own material needs, makes every effort to sell herself at the highest price, and in order to do that, she makes herself as attractive as possible, embellishing her commodity with the help of cosmetics, spurring on the stallions by feigning to be inaccessible (in short supply).

            Prostitutes, on the other hand, gamble on the advantages of retail trade as compared to wholesale. And so, no matter how much a prostitute sells herself, her goods will never decrease. And when pregnant, she increases even more.

            There are only three ways to treat a woman: approach her, introduce yourself and begin a decorous conversation that will gradually lead her to bed, or approach her and take hold of her, and if she dares to protest, take her by force. The second variant is the most natural. The third and most beneficial variant is with a prostitute: approach her, pay her fee and take her. I saw, I paid, I conquered. Money makes everyone into a Caesar, that is, a “seize her.”

            “Lick your lips,” says the photographer when he’s photographing a face.

            “Moisten your lips,” says the photographer when he’s photographing a cunt.

            Wetness is always more attractive than dryness. Wetness is associated with desire. Dryness-with indifference. This is why “proper” women in advertisements always campaign for dryness. While wetness is associated with dirt, and so prostitutes are called dirty.

            Proper women in high heels are on a pedestal so that they look like goddesses of beauty and appear unattainable, higher than they are in reality.

            The prostitute in high heels is like someone on tiptoe, trying to make herself visible.

            The word “love” is often used to justify screwing outside of marriage. Love is not the same as sexual relations; it is the condition for initiating and continuing those relations. The “proper” woman demands that love be the payment, which must come first, as with a prostitute, before sexual relations can begin. Then what is love in such a situation? They always hit the wall when it comes to define what "love" means. But we all know that "love" assumes an intention to marry soon, which produces in a woman the certainty that both before and after fornicating she will receive payment in the form of presents, flowers, courtship, that is, caring. In place of money, clean and simple, we have a dirty, white-washed concept of love, which, of course, includes money.

For a man to inspire love in a woman means to be able to screw her for no charge. For a woman to inspire love in a man means to pump out from him her means of existence.

While the church tries to separate itself from prostitution, the religious channel on television may now find itself right next to a channel that shows prostitutes talking about their profession.  The technical ease with which opposites can now be brought together only strengthens one faith in the power of science, which in the end removes the cataract of Christianity from our eyes, opening them once again to the religious nature of prostitution.

            Truth is desire. A lie is the concealment, withholding, or imitation of that desire. Proper women lie by concealing or withholding their desire. The prostitute lies by imitating desire. But at least with her lie, the prostitute makes things enjoyable for her client. While a "proper" woman, by concealing and withholding her desire, that is, by lying, drives up her price and in this way deceives her client, i.e., a man.

            The story of "Beauty and the Beast" once again demonstrates the ability of women to trample on the aesthetic in the name of the practical. (By the way, this is the main reason there are so few female composers and mathematicians of genius, for this demands the greatest possible distance from "practical" considerations.) A woman will agree to sleep with anyone who promises her attention and care. This proves the genetic mercenariness of the female of the species. And the fact that the beast is turned into a handsome prince when he is able to possess a woman's body only confirms that a woman can suppress her desire for beauty, but not kill it entirely, secretly dreaming of a handsome partner (this is why you still find among women talented poets, writers, artists).

            The beauty would surely cheat on the beast sooner or later and, in order to drum this instructive idyll into the head of the folk about the possibility of eternal love, the beast is hastily changed into a handsome prince. In this way, the woman gets everything she wants: money, care, love and beauty.

            For screwing, a woman looks for a handsome man; for marriage, the last thing she thinks of is male beauty. In fact, she prefers an unattractive man that other women won't be throwing themselves at. In this way, she avoids competition in marriage, in which the wife (as every woman knows) necessarily loses to the other woman, who encroaches on her husband's seed.

            Stupid women are a chatterboxes. A woman shows herself to be a chatterbox in her gestures as well, and they distinguish stupid prostitutes women of great experience. An intelligent woman is taciturn in her words and gestures, and for this reason does not make herself obvious, even if she's a prostitute.

            "A cathedral is holy, only because religious services take place inside it." (my verse). If we were to speak of a cunt as we do, for example, of an elbow, this would be pornography, but if we were to speak of it as a place in which a mystery takes place, then it becomes more than a piece of meat; it becomes divine. And such a conversation arises whenever you're in the grip of desire.

            Women treat beauty like something they slip into to make themselves more attractive. Feminine aesthetics involves seduction through beauty and its sale.

            Masculine aesthetics involves the admiration and possession of beauty. For women beauty is a means. For men, it is the end.

            In every profession there are masters and ordinary craftsmen, people who love their profession and people who hate it, but who don't know how to find a different use for it themselves. In every profession there are the talented and the talentless, honest people and swindlers, peoples who strive for perfection and people who are satisfied with what they have. And this is especially true in the profession of prostitution.

            However, just because there are doctors who are quacks, people don't completely dismiss the medical profession and send all the sick to homoeopathists. No, they continue to go to trustworthy, respectable doctors, although they use homeopathic means to treat their married life.

            A husband and wife without any children gets divorced. The wife is awarded a great deal of alimony and the husband pays up. It would be the exact same situation if he lived with a kept woman, to whom he pays money so that she would be available to him at any time. And so, with this judicial ruling, a wife is officially made equal to a kept woman.

            A woman consists of tasty morsels that are kept behind the barbed wire of manners, laws and conventions. A prostitute is a delicacy displayed on the counter, standing in the street or driving in a car, and, what is most important, her price list is in plain view.

            What is referred to as the "romanticism" of women, which everyone finds so moving, considering it an instance of selflessness and pure love, is, in fact, the clearest expression of her mercenariness. With her inaccessibility, that is, her "romanticism," women are simply establishing the conditions of trade, demanding payment in the form of greater attention (readiness to pay), gifts (actual payment), and proof that the man possesses power, intelligence, and material means (a guarantee of continued payment), etc. The process of courting is nothing less that the process of buying a woman that consists of instilling in her a sense of comfort, which lets her know that it's time to close the deal.

            Men are "yes" people, women are "no" people. Men live according to the principle of "yes" and women live according to the principle of "no". And only prostitutes are equal to men in their constant "yes", but this is where the similarly ends, for behind every "yes" there is a price.

            In Russia, during the time when condoms were in short supply, one foreigner paid a prostitute in condoms, just as a lover gives his beloved jewelry, which she will use to seduce other men.

            A young man is playing a romance on the guitar under the balcony of a courtesan while she' screwing someone else. Then she comes out and throws the singer a kerchief, wet with her latest excretions. The young singer is enraptured with the gift and rushes into the house and presents her with a pearl necklace, while at that very moment, her last lover is climbing down a rope from the balcony. The able-tongued courtesan expresses her gratitude for the gift, when there is a knock at the door. Her next client has arrived. The courtesan frightens the youth, telling him that it's her husband, and then leads him onto the balcony where, now happy, he makes his way down the rope. Well, what could be more romantic?

            The generally accepted behavior of the "proper" woman is illustrated in a song sung by Peggy Lee: "Get Me Some Money Like All Other Men Do."

            A woman is always looking toward the future and determines along every step of the way: is my relationship with my current lover serious or not, that is, will it lead to marriage. If she thinks that it will, then her conscience is clean and she can screw joyfully. If she concludes that the relationship is only about screwing, then, even if she's in love with him, she will begin to suppress her love and to look for other relationships that will lead to marriage. Translated into the familiar language of prostitution, it turns out that if the man pays (in this case, with the hope of marriage, which is the standard rate for most women), then she'll give herself to him. If he doesn't pay, then bye-bye.

            The baseness of "proper" women has nothing to do with the fact that their propriety is based on prostitution, but that they so vehemently deny it.

            It is dishonesty when you promise to do something and don't do it. Flirting is a promise, it implants  hope. A "proper" woman, who flirts promises but does not deliver, and that's dishonest. With a prostitute, everything is extremely honest--she does everything that has been agreed to and paid for.

            Respect and love for a women must begin with one's mother and end with love and respect for prostitutes. Precisely because they are the quintessence, the clearest embodiment of everything female.

            The greatest immorality in our society is screwing for money. The highest form of morality is considered the taking of money without giving oneself that is, flirting, accepting attention--most importantly--without entering into sexual relations. Many women, sensing the immorality of this behavior and acknowledging the obligations involved in relations of prostitution, refuse gives and invitations to restaurants and other signs of attention from a man, with whom they do not intend to enter a sexual relationship. This woman realizes that if she accepts an expensive present from a man or a bunch of inexpensive ones, she is agreeing to sleep with him. For such an honest, responsible woman, the question is not whether to act like a prostitute or not, for that is not a choice. Rather, she must decide with whom to be a prostitute.

            Dishonest women who repudiate the natural contractual obligations between a prostitute and her client, will accept gifts and things, but will not pay up. In Russia, there were and are women who wrap men around their finger. They are invited to restaurants and accept gifts, then they slip away. The act against the laws of nature and so inspire particular hatred in men.

            Such things occur at various levels and society even encourages them, for such relationships decrease the amount of screwing and at the same time stimulate trade (the guy pays, money goes into the Treasury), and that's all that society cares about.

            All those models and actresses who take money for showing their barely covered bits, strike seductive poses and keep men half-cocked at the thought of their seeming accessibility. They take money from them--from the millions who see them on the silver screen, on magazine covers and in magazine spreads--but they give themselves to no one. In any case, they don't give themselves to any of those millions who beat off over them. And such a woman--a highly moral wife or a loyal lover, constructs her propriety and income on the expression: "You don't screw with your eyes."

            It is impossible not to take delight in the consistency of Muslims who, on the one hand, permit polygamy, harems, and prostitution, admitting a man's desire for variety, while, on the other hand, forbidding their women to show their faces, let along their bodies. If you want to show your charms, then name your price in a place that has been specially assigned place for such business.

            Every woman is at her foundation a prostitute... And I am not using that word in any way as an insult. The English language distinguished between a prostitute and whore.  (Russian also recognizes a distinction between "prostitutka" and "bliad'.")

A whore is a woman who likes to screw different guys for free, while a prostitute takes money for it, but also likes it. Go and try to draw other distinctions.

            In relationships that are more than one-night stands, and often even in one-night stands, a woman demand, as a rule, something more than orgasm--namely she needs to feel that she and her present or future offspring are cared for. This is the foundation stone of mercantile relations: a body for being taken care of, which in its most overt form appears as money and in its less overt form as presents, an allowance, marriage. All of this is biologically justified and can not be used to reproach a woman for her immorality, for it is she and not the man who gives birth to children and cares for them, which means, she needs to be cared for. Or get money. And most often, both.

            In essence, a woman does not in the end give herself to a man, as we are accustomed to think, she sells herself or, to put it another way, she engages in barter: she sets the conditions, that is what forms of support she will accept, in exchange for making herself available.

            Giving money is a shortcut, the simplest expression of support, and is not beneficial to society, which represents itself as a trough, at which only the strong of this world feed, that is to say, those who always take shortcuts. The masses must not take shortcuts; they should roam about, or else they will have too much free time and, just as in the army, if a soldier is left with nothing to do, morale will suffer. So let's go and dig a trench of courtship, and then we'll fill it in with marriage, and then get divorced and dig a new trench, expending money, time and your health in the process.

            The message here is clear: do not change society; become the strong of this world. (But not so fast.)

            Incidentally, any attempt to change society is an attempt to become one of the strong of this world in a society that has been changed by you.

            Before it was thought that a proper woman should not experience pleasure during intercourse, only indifference. If a woman experiences pleasure, then she is a whore. Naturally, all women have secretly  dreamt of being a whore. This was specially done so as to fill the ranks of prostitutes.

            If it is considered normal to sell your life on an hourly basis in the manufacturing sector, then how can it be considered immoral to sell your body? Moreover, the prostitute doesn't sell her body, she rents it for a certain length of time. Slaves and wives sell themselves for their entire lives. Today divorce offers a vacation for household slaves, that is, wives. But women return to slavery when they remarry. Prostitution is only time-sharing.

            For a prostitute, rape is when you're screwed for free.

            Even for a proper woman rape can be considered as a free screw, for the man fails to pay with attention, seduction, money and gifts.

            The most insulting aspect of rape for a woman is that those who screw her show utter contempt for the price list of morality.

            Rape is unconditional screwing, in which the man has not concluded a trade agreement; he simply takes what nature has provided: the orifices of the body. Rape is the only form of fornication that does not involve prostitution (except for unthinking fornication while in a state of mutual lust). Society punishes rapists for their rejection of prostitution, for their failure to pay for screwing.

            Why are women so indignant at the thought of gang banging, when a typical prostitute can entertain twenty or more men a night? And day in and day out. She not only survives, she experiences no physical discomfort. Moreover, it's better to sleep with several men, who climax quickly and lubricate the vagina, than to sleep with one dried out guy who could cause painful chafing. In any case, all that can be resolved with the help of lubricated condoms.

            Indignation at the thought of gang banging is due to the fact that when a woman is raped by one man, she incurs damages, equal to those incurred from a single client. But when she is raped by several men, these damages are multiplied by the number of men in the group and the damages are so significant that they inspire particular social indignation. (Theft on a particularly large scale.)

            Rape accompanied by mutilation and rape without mutilation can not be compared. The former involves bodily injury, for which the rapist must be punished, regardless of whether the injury occurred during the rape or while struggling. The latter involves a sexual act. For this reason, rape requires at least three men working together--first, their combined strength will make it possible to avoid unnecessary bodily injury to the woman, whereas, with a single rapist, it's often necessary to cause the victim pain in order to stifle her protest. Three men can hold a woman without causing her pain while preventing her from getting away. Moreover, if the three men are capable and caring, they will certainly be able to physically satisfy the woman, for at first she may be so frightened that she won't be in the mood and one man will climax quickly, before bringing her to orgasm. However, when the first two warm her up, she will easily climax with the third. And the whole time, they must calm her, assuring her that it won't be painful and that it would be best for her to relax. In addition, the woman's eyes should be covered before she gets a look at the rapists, so that if the rapists do not correspond to her aesthetic standards, that won't prevent her from concentrating on the physical sensations occurring between her "holely" thighs. When she can't see them, the sense of touch will dominate, and during systematic and lengthy excitation, she will feel desire and will experience pleasure.

            The optimal number of men for rape is five. One to hold down one hand, a second to hold down the other, a third to hold down one leg, and a fourth to hold down the other. The fifth can then calmly go about exciting the woman. And the woman, seeing so many men, will understand that it is useless to struggle, when she might try to take on one or two men. When a woman begins to respond to the excitation, the others will gradually loosen their hold and will either enter the action or wait in line.

            Therefore, we should not talk about the criminalization of rape, but about teaching men how to properly perform a rape. Punishment should be reserved for those men who cause pain or injury to a woman, instead of bringing her pleasure.

            But society is uncomfortable delving into these finer points and so it throws everything in the same basket and makes it necessary for a woman to sell her body, but not in the open, not for money.

The Causes and Incentives of Prostitution

            There are many causes, but here are the ones that are indisputable.

            First, the fact that a woman needn't climax when screwing, that is, her ability to be indifferent, means that she is able to accommodate men without taking a break.

            Second, the simplicity, speed and naturalness of earning money just by spreading your legs, opening your mouth or even using your hand. I mean, a woman can do this job with one hand tied behind her back.

            Third, the desire for more than one has.

            We like to think that all women have enough money to live on and avoid starvation, not wanting for the essentials. But, according to Seneca, the poor person is not the one who has little, it is the one who wants more. And even the richest woman at one moment or another will want more. There are women who become prostitutes because of poverty, but poverty is relative. The woman who goes about today adorned in costume jewelry today, will want real jewels tomorrow. And so, even if we feed women grub and give them a place to live, it will turn out to be insufficient to suppress the desire to want more. And this means that prostitution will continue at all economic levels as long as women want a little more.

            The humanitarian would like to see women engaged in prostitution not to earn a crust of bread, but out of the desire to eat black caviar.

            It is precisely a woman's need to have more than a screw--which is a source of pride for every woman who demands that something more from a man--that is the basis of prostitution, which is condemned by the majority of women.     

Prostitutes exist (and their profession is referred to as the world's oldest for just this reason) because the world's oldest desire is that of men to have a few more women. And this is made possible only when one spends as little time as possible in persuading the woman, which occurs in the presence of money, allowing one to enjoy the maximum number of women--these would be prostitutes.

            If we were to eradicate prostitution, men would lose their incentive to earn money and the entire economy would break down.

            Strip bars where broads dance naked have their origin in the slave market, where naked slaves would be brought out and their charms displayed to potential buyers. Today, most men who look at strippers couldn't afford to buy them and so everything has devolved into a cheap game where the men smack their lips over someone else's slave. However, you can make her your slave for a certain length of time and for a certain sum of money. For a certain form of slavery.

Prostitution is a form of division of labor that simplifies life. Just as you don't have to be a farmer in order to acquire food, you can just go to the store and buy some grub, you don't need to be a husband in order to screw a woman, you can hire a prostitute and buy some satisfaction.

            The moralists attempt to connect sex and violence, but these two essences are as opposed to one another as good and evil. And because wherever there is good, evil will soon appear, it is absurd to begin a battle against good so that evil does not crop up nearby. Violence arises only in opposition to sex. To do battle with sex and violence at the same time is the same as doing battle with both good and evil.

            The identification of sex and violence leads the masses to assume that through violence you can arrive at sex. Insofar as society forbids sex to a greater degree than it does violence, it is simpler for the masses to deal with violence in the hope of enjoying the required supplement of pleasure. The general availability of women in America has been replaced by the general availability of firearms. Having protected violence constitutionally and maintained silence on the topic of sex, Americans make do with generalities about the right to "pursue happiness." They are not about to pass an amendment, similar to the first amendment that would forbid the passage of any law restricting prostitution.

             A woman consists of both required and optional parts. The optional parts are those, without which you could manage, while the required parts are those that, after the removal of whatever is superfluous, preserve her sexual attraction. If you take away her cunt (together with her mouth and ass), then her sexual attraction disappears. If you take away her mind, she remains just as sexually attractive as before.

            Previously, when a woman engaged in fornication, she risked her life for her future offspring, who often died at birth, endured public opprobrium if she lost her virginity before marriage, continued to fornicate outside of marriage, or, worse yet, had children out of wedlock. For this reason, the man was required to pay the woman in the form of gifts, diversions, which was a kind of compensation for the risk and oppression she suffered.

            Today a woman will screw whenever and whomever she likes; she uses contraception so risks nothing more than a man, while basking in liberal public opinion that permits her to legally rob and destroy men. However, despite that, the man pays all the same for this has nothing to do with advances in the social protection of women; it has everything to do with the unchanging essence of prostitute-like male-female relations.

            The more people scream and condemn something, the less likely it is that it really exists. People are always going on about equality and virtue and one of the loudest fictions is that of eternal,  monogamous love, which is the subject of art, dreams, ideals, and upon which morality is built. But it is in fact transience that is the fundamental characteristic of this emotion. Love is a perishable thing, but also one that can ripen again and again. The woman who recognizes that is ready for prostitution. For this reason, society makes such an effort to sprinkle the minds of women with the powder of love in order to keep them enslaved to the illusion of eternal love and to deny them permission to satisfy those men who long for them, for society has its own plans for their energy.

            Art for art's sake is just as foreign to the pragmatic nature of women as pleasure for pleasure's sake, which may occur once or twice, but does not become a system or way of life for women as it does for many men. With money.

            The traditional dream of the prostitute is to meet a client who will marry her. In this way, prostitution represents for her not only a way to make money, but also a means to finding a stable life in marriage.

            The only real favor a woman can perform is when, on her own initiative, she spreads her legs for you for free.

            A woman feels herself to be truly desired when someone pays money for her. The more they pay, the more she respects herself.

            As a rule, a woman can not determine her own worth. Her professional career, no matter how successful it may be, cannot increase the most important source of her self-worth--sex.

            Whereas a man can raise his very low sexual self-esteem to the heavens with money, for which the most beautiful prostitutes will indulge him like a favorite lover. And for a woman, money that she has put away to pay for a screw can not lift her low sexual self-esteem out of the gutter--for that she needs to receive money from her beloved, not give it away.

            In a scientific journal the feelings of men and women were diagramed in pie charts. For women, sex does not occupy a significant part of the pie; most of the pie was occupied with worrying about relationships. For men, the largest categories were: sex, work, and sports.

            It turns out that a significant part of a woman's psychological life (non-sexual relations and concern over those relations) is made possible thanks to the help of an insignificant part--sex. And for this reason, she must value sex highly so that with it (a little piece of the pie) she can acquire a lot (the rest of the pie). This is essentially a prostitute's pie chart.

            A woman sells her body because no one is offering her any money for her soul.

            Generally accepted mores or morality is a mass game, in which by following the rules one is able to satisfy one's desires at a subsistence level. But if one decides to satisfy one's desires above that level, then it is necessary to cheat at the game or to create one's own game of morals.

            When men are driven by need to the brink, they resort to their physical strength--they murder and rob. When women are driven by need to the brink, they resort to the pleasure that languishes within them and become prostitutes. In critical situations, women turn to love and men to violence. That is why a man is a "person with a rifle"[29] and a woman is a "person with a cunt."

            During fornication a prostitute can, for the same amount of money, depending on the client and her own feelings at the time, experience either disgust, or slight excitement, or strong excitement, or she can reach orgasm, moreover, more than once. Current statistics love to maintain that prostitutes experience either disgust or indifference. The statistics of the past were more romantic, flattering men with the idea that prostitutes always experience sexual satisfaction.

            However, every business demands that one emotionally disinvest and at the same time that one feign emotional investment. Just as a doctor can not allow himself to grieve over the suffering and pain of each and every patient, but must give the appearance of deep emotional involvement in order to buoy the patient's spirits, a prostitute is indifferent to the lust of her client but pretends to experience pleasure so as to give him confidence. But it doesn't always turn out that way and doctors often worry and suffer over patients, especially those who work in ambulances or with children, etc. It's not so simple to entirely harden a human being.

            The same can happens with prostitutes who treat men's terminal desire, their incurable, eternally returning lust, their perpetual quest for variety in women.

            Like a doctor, a prostitute is right to feel pride in her profession, for she brings pleasure to her clients, pleasure that is obvious, beyond a doubt. The prostitute's client is like the doctor's patient, insofar as he pays money for treatment. But the prostitute has one fundamental advantage over the doctor: she guarantees satisfaction, while the doctor cannot guarantee a cure.

            The analogy of a prostitute to a doctor is not coincidental: temple prostitutes in ancient times were considered capable of curing illnesses. Even their excretions were considered curative.[30]

            The comfort and calm that a doctor finds after work, at home with his family and friends, the prostitute finds with her boyfriend who is often her pimp: hot and excited from work, she can with a clean conscience reach climax with her boyfriend and then relax before her next shift.

            The verses by Brodsky included above as an epigraph suggest that there are two jobs that are easily and naturally performed by women: feigning grief and feigning love. It is no coincidence that cemetery prostitutes also worked as paid mourners.[31] They weep and wail with the widower and other grieving relatives and friends and then they comfort them among the graves--they raise their spirits and show that as long as there is pleasure, life goes on. Prostitutes perform a host of services in order to transform grief into joy. Having played the role of a mourner, producing tears, the prostitute easily enters the role of lover, producing love juice. In truth, there is no more humanitarian profession.

            Why do we obediently pay lawyers astronomical sums for every minute of their time, of which they keep careful records, for work, for which they assume no responsibility, with the exception of those rare cases when they are caught committing especially scandalous crimes? Lawyers receive their money, as a rule, regardless of whether they win or lose the case. Because we have to pay to save ourselves from the law when it has us by the throat.

            Why must we rail against the payment of women who guarantee that we'll be awarded pleasure? We are happy to pay her when the law of desire has us by the prick. We must accept human laws, but we must joyously follow the laws of nature.

            If prostitution is a despised occupation, which women perform exclusively for money, then that is bad, like any despised occupation. But if it's a job that gives satisfaction, moreover, not only physical, but also spiritual, then the professionalism of the prostitute allows her to feel pleasure at the sight of the pleasure she brings, and of the influence that she exercises over men. And this activity gives a prostitute a sense of power over men and of her own might. One could really love that kind of work.

            A client to a prostitute: "It was a pleasure doing business with you."

            The simple and direct question at the heart of prostitution is: if you give a prostitute all the money she wants will she stop working as a prostitute? The simple and direct answer: like Shura Balaganov in the Golden Calf by Ilf and Petrov who, after receiving his share of a big heist, couldn't resist stealing a purse on his way home, the prostitute will continue to moonlight out of habit. It's in her genes.

If you see fornication as a sacred act, then the more you do it, the holier you become. By this logic, the prostitute who is capable of sleeping with dozens of men in a day is the creature closest to the sacred. Her ability to bring pleasure to a large number of men is a measure of her sacred power.

            The collectivization of women into "communal" societies is just a means to avoid paying women under the pretext of the fight against prostitution.[32]

            A prostitute is a room in a hotel that different people occupy for different amounts of time. Your own house where you live day in and day out is located elsewhere, whereas you stay at various hotels. There are many rooms in a hotel and for this reason it resembles a bordello. For this reason, for a long time now hotels have been the site of the prostitute's professional activity.

            Love your enemy--this is precisely what prostitutes do when they sleep with men who despise and detest them, but nonetheless use their services. Perhaps this is one of the psychological motivations behind prostitution.

Hatred of Prostitutes

            The strongest negative reaction to prostitution comes from upstanding family men, and what makes them upstanding is precisely the fact that their sexual life with their wives, of whom they've grown sick and tired, either barely exists or doesn't exist at all because their irreproachable wives have stopped giving out. A prostitute is for them a living reproach and pornography is a non-living one.

            True love of women naturally includes a love of prostitutes. Insofar as a prostitute is another name for woman herself. The sacred whore is a phrase that is made up not of two mutually exclusive terms but of two complementary terms. It is easy to see that violent hatred for prostitution is a product of misogyny. Those who do battle against prostitution hide their hostility toward women either behind the mask of false, romantic love for a certain unattainable woman or behind the requisite fidelity of their dreary wives, for whom they long ago lost any sexual interest.

            The romantic view of woman is based on men's fear of the cunt. This is an effect of his desperate concealment of his strong desire for the cunt and of his scorn for it that comes from his lack of confidence in himself and in his ability to handle it. This is the phenomenon of the fox and the grape, when a man begins to talk down the cunt, calling it dirty, disgusting, contrasting it to the romantic image of woman, whose sexual organs are never mentioned.

            A woman is a forever ripe and always available grape. Often already oozing and fermenting. Men, afraid of their weak stomachs, have raised the grape to unattainable heights and sing the praises of its sweetness and purity, but despise those who eat the grape, and the grape, too, when it falls from the heights, just missing their drooling mouths.

            The fable of "The Fox and the Grape" extends beyond the individual to all of society, creating a mass psychosis involving the persecution of prostitutes.

            If we begin with the notion that the individual secretly desires that which he despises, and that that which he despises is inherent in him, then jealousy can be seen as a reaction to the secret desire to share one's sexual partner. It's not surprising that, because the prostitute shares herself with the maximum number of men, hatred toward her takes extreme forms.

            Well, you see I am angry all the time over the fact that women are by nature prostitutes, or more likely, I am mad that they don't admit that they are prostitutes but behave like prostitutes. Would this problem bother me so if I had money and fame enough to buy women in abundance? Isn't it just because I'm indignant over the fact that I just poor? And even if women would agree with me: yes, we're all prostitutes, pay up. I would have no way to pay them with except with my freedom, from which a woman would nonetheless squeeze out money. So everything depends on money, or more likely, women depend on money. Well, this means in reality that everything depends on money.

            The most convincing pretext for the battle against prostitution is venereal disease, supposedly inherent in prostitutes and spread by them. However, statistics show[33] that only a minimal number of men are infected from prostitutes. They catch venereal diseases from "proper" women who don't take care of their hygiene, don't know the symptoms, and don't use condoms. Fear of AIDS has now got to the point that abstinence is promoted as the only form of acceptable behavior for unmarried people.

            Gastronomical analogies unavoidably come to mind as they are the most easily understood, reflecting, like lust, that other inalienable condition of man: hunger. If an epidemic of dysentery or cholera were to arise, in which infection was being transmitted through food, it would not be possible to take up arms against food, to declare it against the law and to treat people with hunger. No, a person with a will to live would begin to wash his fruit and vegetables, to pasteurize, boil, and disinfect, but eat all the same. It's the same with prostitutes. They've already tried to boil them and burn them, to drown them as witches, but science invented more effective means for fighting infections. We must take up arms not against prostitutes, but against the diseases themselves that are spread by amateurs to a greater degree than by professionals, who take great care of their "weapons of production." But, all the same, they continue to kill the messenger.

            Prostitutes are women who give access to the greatest pleasure and for that alone one should feel gratitude and respect. However, it is precisely for that that they are despised and persecuted with tremendous urgency. In truth, it is the Russian approach: Beat the one you love.

            In Russian, the word "prostitutka" is associated with betrayal. (The "prostitute Trotsky," as Lenin put it.) But what is the betrayal of the prostitute? Is it that she openly proclaims to everyone that she is available for money? Is it that her concept of fidelity has nothing to do with allowing only one prick to enter her? No, real betrayal happens when someone promises fidelity for life and then breaks that promise--and repeatedly--through divorce, break-ups, and partings. The prostitute never gives such promises. From the very start she announces with her behavior that you must not in any circumstances rely on her womanly fidelity. For this reason, there is no betrayal, there is only fidelity to the price. Fidelity to her own body.

            Moreover, the mercinariness of the prostitute makes her more reliable; her advertised price instills confidence in her availability.

            Many men develop manias regarding a certain woman stemming from the belief that she should be in love with him, which means that she shouldn't sleep with other men. According to this pre-condition, any woman who is seduced by another man turns out to be a "prostitute," something that her man will not fail to call her.

            Mercenariness that is another synonym for prostitution. Selling yourself not for an idea as men do, but for money. But why can you sell your blood, your sperm, your eggs, and for that no one calls you mercenary, but sell "access to your body" and they label you mercenary?

            What makes prostitutes dirty for men? Male excretions erupting in the prostitute's body. That is, men are squeamish not about prostitution, but about the excretions of their fellow men. In the prostitute one senses too strongly the presence of other men, and that scares every man that comes after. So it's not the prostitute that a man insults, but the other men who were inside her before him. In this way, by despising and humiliating a prostitute, a man is unconsciously taking care of his rivals.

            Do we consider lesbian prostitutes dirty when she sells herself exclusively to women? No. Do we consider gigolos dirty when they sleep with women for money? No. Only the prostitute is considered dirty for a man. This is male hatred of another man's sperm! Of his rival's sperm.

            What insults and angers a man about prostitutes more than anything else is that she doesn't fall in love with him. Hatred of prostitutes is the strongest form of jealousy. Masculine self-love is destroyed by prostitutes. Every man wants to think that he's the only one, while she sleeps with these "only ones" by the dozen. Jealousy is primarily a symptom of one's decline, and the jealous man demonstrates this vividly in their hatred of prostitutes.

            The wreath that was worn by a certain prostitute had the inscription: "Love me forever, but don't be jealous of those who do the same."[34]

            A woman is born with the physiological capacity to separate sex and love. A woman can achieve orgasm by masturbating alone, but might not while having sex with her beloved boyfriend.

            Prostitutes have taken this separation to the extreme, while men, who joyfully ejaculate in any cunt, still have a long way to go to convince themselves morally of the immutability and logic of this separation of emotions in women. But often, alas, this ability of women inspires malice in men, for whom such a separation doesn’t come naturally.  

The Future of Prostitution

            If this never was in the past, nor in the present, then all our hopes are pinned on the future. And there, one can do anything at all. And so, here we will dream of anything at all. That is, of whatever we want.  Everybody wants different things, which  means--everyone wants the very same thing....



Minneapolis, 1998

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