Secret Journal 1836-1837 by Alexander Pushkin (Tainiye Zapiski 1836-1837 godov).
Compiled by M. Armalinsky and V. Kurochkin.
Minneapolis, M. I. P. Company, 2013, 974 pages, illustrations, hard cover.
(The Literary Monument)
Printed in the USA
In Russian
ISBN 978-0-916201-29-6; $99 $69
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The first academic publication of the Secret Journal 1836-1837 by Alexander Pushkin and Parapushkinistika in one volume.
The Secret Journal 1836-1837 was first published by Mikhail Armalinsky in 1986 in the U.S.
In the Secret Journal Alexander Pushkin presents in an condensed form his various sexual liaisons, offering meditations on life, the nature of sin, love, and creativity, while illuminating the tortuous path that led him to his tragic end.
The Secret Journal has incited and continues to incite the most contradictory responses.
Now published in 25 countries, the Secret Journal deserves to be placed among the most scandalous works of Russian literature.

Parapushkinistika is included in the volume as an appendix to the Secret Journal. Compiled by David Bayevsky, Parapushkinistika presents historical documentation of the Russian reaction to the Secret Journal. The responses of the most active parapushkinists are published in separate chapters. The material covers the period from 1986 to 2012.
Parapushkinistika not only documents the reaction of Russian society to the Secret Journal but also offers exhaustive scholarly insight into human nature, the Russian mind set, and the meaning of literature.

In addition to lengthy and insightful commentaries, Parapushkinistika includes an index of names and an index of Media Outlets.
The volume is published as a part of the famous academic series "Literary Monuments".

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