Mikhail Armalinsky



ISBN 0-916201-20-1; (Russian) $9
M.I.P. Company, Minneapolis, MN - 1996, 130 p., $9 pbk.

The book by the poet and the author Mikhail Armalinsky - residing in the United States - includes several short stories, a fairy tale and an essay. He continues his studies in erotica and delves even deeper into a forbidden area of feelings and thought.

This immersion provides yet another reason for continuation of the "black listing" of Armalinsky in Russia. In reference to the author, Literaturnaya Gazeta (Issue #17, April 24, 1996, Moscow) admits to an, "... all Russia suppression of this very intriguing writer." Due to the shocking plots and ideas in his work, not a single publisher in Russia dares to publish his books. Armalinskys previous publication of Alexander Pushkin's Secret Journal 1836-37,the book that became the most scandalous in the history of Russian Literature, only compounds the reticence of publishers in Russia to present his work.