€ demonstration took place on the steps of St.Paul Capitol (Minnesota) on Friday, September 18, 1998, at 10 am.
Mikhail Armalinsky was carrying a sign that read on one side: "LET CLINTON HAVE AS MANY LOVERS AS HE WANTS, ALL GREAT LEADERS HAVE." On the other side: "IT IS THE HYPOCRISY OF OUR SOCIETY THAT FORCED CLINTON TO LIE."

Media representatives covered the demonstration:
TV KARE 11 NEWS, A NBC Affiliate
TV WCCO Channel 4 News, A CBS Affiliate
Minnesota Public Radio
St. Paul Pioneer Press Daily
City Pages Weekly

Democratic Party of Minnesota (DFL) refused to participate or to support in any way this demonstration.
Mikhail Armalinsky was displaying his personal position toward sexual liberty of President Clinton and did not represent any political or social organization.

Responding the reporterÕs request Mikhail Armalinsky made a statement that lasted about 20 minutes. Then he took questions.

The essence of his statement can be summarized in the following:

1. The demands we make to the leader of the country and his responsibility are so extraordinary that our response the PresidentÕs needs, including sexual, must be extraordinary as well. We canÕt treat the president of the United States as an ordinary Joe, who puts his eight hours of work and then comes home to have dinner and to watch TV.
Through the centuries the leaders of Clinton caliber were having harems, endless lovers and concubines that did not preclude them from having beloved wife. The First wife.
In her deposition Monica Lewinsky stated that Clinton told her that she made him feel like a young man. This wonderful feeling of 50-yours-old man which can appear only with a young lover, inevitably and favorably affected PresidentÕs performance, made him more energetic, vigorous; therefore the affair was useful to the country and to all Americans.

2. SEX IS THE AREA WHERE PEOPLE ARE GENERALLY LIE TO EACH OTHER. Basically, nobody should be allowed to ask questions about personal sex life. And if you demand the answer, you should expect the lie in response. They pushed Clinton in this trap.
Hypothetically, what if Starr during his investigation would ask Clinton under oath about the size of his penis. And Clinton, as do many men, would exaggerate its size by an inch or two? Then Starr would bring Lewinsky to the stand and ask her the same question about Clinton's penis size. She would give a figure that was smaller than given by Clinton. Then Starr would order a scientific measurement and he would discover that the president lied about the size of his penis. Would it be a grounds for impeachment as well? Let's impeach the president who lied about size of his cock!!!
No, let's define what is the lie, when we have to disregard a lie, and when to take it serious. There are different lies. This lie was not damaging to the country as it was in Nixon's case. It was personal lie that was said aloud. The fact that it was said under oath has nothing to do with anything. Remember the Bible, "The law is for man not man is for the law." ClintonÕs enemies using the letter of the law are pushing away the spirit of the law.

3. If most of Americans think that sex is sinful and at best is dirty even if it is within a marriage; if they think that oral sex is perversion; if having oral sex in Oval Office is the offense to the country, then you have to lie to calm down this sexual paranoia response, just for peopleÕs sake.

4. ArmlainskyÕs reply to the question on what to do with the President was to do nothing and let him keep working for his country.
ArmlainskyÕs reply to the question on his reaction to the release of tapes with PresidentÕs testimony was that he had no reaction whatsoever - because this release does not change at all his attitude to the core of the matter. The reaction to the release of the tapes must be questioned from those hypocrite politicians who were screaming prior to the release of the StarrÕs report about their fear that ClintonÕs love affair with Monica will harmfully affect morals of their children. Now government is involved in mass distribution of the text that is considered pornographic. It is quite obvious that Republicans and all politicians who are calling for resignation of the President are concerned not with the morals, not with the truth but have only one intention: to get more power themselves.

September 19, 1998

The demonstration was sponsored by M.I.P. Company, The Publisher of Controversial Russian Literature.